Krzysztof Witczak
25 aspects of remote work to be aware of as a manager
We are in the second half of 2023 and our approach towards remote work has shifted since the start of the pandemic from love to doubt. For a long time in IT, it was considered to be a benefit, what has changed since then?
How DORA, SPACE and DevEx connect?
Since the beginning of the IT industry, we couldn't find a decisive answer on how to properly measure software engineering productivity. In the last five years, there have been many discoveries on this topic - in this article, I'll try to unravel and connect the dots between the three most extensive frameworks that could bring us closer to solving the productivity puzzle.
Accidental managers
Every company wants to have the best engineers they can afford. Obtaining them is hard, but keeping - even harder! In some cases, it may seem that promoting a strong engineer to a leadership position may be the biggest form of recognition and a reason for them to stay in the organization. I think it often leads to big mistakes, and here's why.
Going back from workation in Athens: Unveiling Inspiration
I just finished my half-year workation experience in Athens, Greece! I have a couple of takeaways that could be useful for other IT professionals considering doing a similar journey.
Encourage your engineers to try AI Assistants
Entire software engineering community debates on the influence of current AI revelations on our industry. Most people tend to agree that AI will land an impact on how software is going to be built in the upcoming years - a good idea would be to prepare yourself and your colleagues for a change that will happen, or at least be aware of what may happen.
Evolution of my learning methods, part #3
In the final part of the series about learning, I'll focus on discussing topics of knowledge retention - from Ebbinghaus Forgetting curve, through plastic platypus learning up to PKM systems, commonplace books and Zettelkalsten.
Evolution of my learning methods, part #2
This is the second post in my series about my different levels of awareness around the topic of learning. This time I'll be describing areas like 'Just in Time' versus 'Just in Case' learning as well as the topic of 'Deliberate practice'.
Evolution of my learning methods, part #1
It's difficult these days to keep up with constantly changing technology. The common problem is proper motivation or discipline, but lack of direction or weak retention may be equally disturbing. This post is a first of a series about my approach to constant learning.
Your personal .README
Life would be so much easier, if we could just get user manuals to understand other people. We would just read a rough summary before the first encounter, highly increasing chances for great first impression. If we would spend more time with this person, we could look into the details in the manual, get the nitty gritty details. What stops us from doing that?
How to start with programming in 2022
Almost every bigger company is looking for software engineers these days, and still, I claim that starting your first job in IT is not easy. The reason is, that everyone is looking for experienced individuals - not juniors or starters. Here's my advice on how to land this first job.
You cannot go wrong while doing the right thing
While working with people, you constantly battle through tough choices. Multiple times, each decision will have their solid arguments and supporters. The 'Washington Post test' may be an useful trick in your toolbelt to make that choice easier.
Looking through engineer eyes after a break
For over a year now I'm working in GAT as a full time engineering manager. During that time I've basically stopped contributing to the codebase. Recently, I've got opportunity to commit a couple of small updates here and there. And I've learned a lot thanks to that.
My thoughts on #NoEstimates
When I was preparing for one of my talks, I've encountered the concept called #NoEstimates. Here are my thoughts regarding this controversial idea!
Netguru PM Guide
Netguru is a big software house in Poland. When I browsed their website some time ago, I've found an interesting resource - a company guideline for project managers. Is it worth reading?
Splitting the Monolith
Around two years ago, we've made decision to use gem called React on Rails. Now is the time to move to fully separated architecture, and here are couple of my notes from that process.
Extreme Ownership
A few years ago I've watched TED talk done by Jocko Willink. He easily injected the simple concept of extreme ownership into my mind - to the point, where I knew that one day I'm gonna read his book. I've just done it.
The Phoenix Project
I received cool gift from my brother - almost legendary devops book called "The Phoenix Project". Here are my opinions and lessons learned!